1. Anonymous said: I love your substitute plush!!! Can I cuddle with it?

    Wow, the existence of my substitute plush must have spread far and wide (considering I don’t post about it here), but sure, why not? I carry it with me most of the time, and people like the plush a lot. 

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  2. I find it mind boggling that there are people out there who spend hours upon hours breeding for 5iv Shiny Pokemons (hatching tens of thousands of eggs in the process) and not use these shiny 5iv Pokemons for battles.

    Instead, they show off how many eggs they took to hatch it, what special pokeball it’s in, how many egg moves it has, a few pics of the Pokemon (from its the moment it was hatch, to its stats, to its cheery reaction in Pokemon Amie), only to box it in their PC full of other shiny 5iv bred Pokemons, and move on to their next shiny breeding project, and not touch that Pokemon for a long while (or even, ever). 


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  4. paradoxtier:

    Pretty much sums up pokemon nowadays

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  5. PC lagged when watching TPP Crystal. But then I heard the battle theme, followed by Zapdos’ cry. It was awesome, knowing that AJ’s final opponent will be Red with his TPP team.

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  6. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 8.3. The Champion Battle! (Finale)

    Healed up all my Pokemons except Lickilicky, who died fighting against Siebold.

    For the champion’s battle. I had a huge gamble in mind as my strategy, and that is to let Dragonite set up two Dragon Dance while facing Hawlucha, then proceed to sweep Diantha’s team.

    It worked almost perfectly.

    Dragonite survived a +2 Attack Poison Jab from Hwalucha without getting poisoned, and defeated it with one hit using Fly.

    As expected, Diantha sends out Aurorus. I used Power-Up Punch, defeating it in one hit and increasing Dragonite’s attack to +3.

    Tyrantrum died to Earthquake in one hit. And I realized that I forgot to change Earthquake to Dragon Claw. At first, I wasn’t so sure if this will impact the battle since I defeated Goodra pretty easily with Earthquake.

    Then I fought Gourgeist.

    That thing knows Phantom Force, and since I’m slower, I can’t hit it. I decided to Dragon Dance once more to see if it uses Phantom Force, but it used Trick-o-treat to make Dragonite Ghost type. And that Phantom Force hurt Dragonite a lot. Fortunately, I was able to make it use Phantom Force without having me use Fly, and I defeated it as it was unable to strike me on the turn I flied.

    Finally Mega Gardevoir, victory is just a hit away, and it really was. At +4 Attack and +3 Speed, I was certain I got the upperhand in the battle, and one Earthquake was all it took to defeat Mega Gardevoir.

    With Diantha defeated, I have finally completed my Pokemon Y Wonderlocke. It was tough, filled with many many deaths (Total casualties is around 20). But it is done, and I would say, this is indeed one of the hardest Nuzlockes I have ever attempted (with all the rules and restrictions I put in).

    Oh, and I did beat the battle against AZ after entering the Hall of Fame. Pretty easy, and I didn’t use Lickilicky in that.

    The End.

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  7. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 8.2, The Elite Four Wikstrom and Siebold

    Now for the harder Elite Four member (for my team, at least). My plan was to take on Wikstrom first, since his should be easier than Siebold.

    I led with Pyroar, and with the Flame Plate on, it was able to take out Klefki in one hit. As expected, he sends out Probopass, so I used Lickilicky to tank it’s hits and take it out with Earthquake, which resulted in Aegislash coming out to the battle. I switched out to Nidoqueen, and the battle was going in my favour. Switched back to Pyroar to take out Scizor, and Wikstrom is now defeated.

    Now for the toughest Elite Four battle yet - Siebold. I had a hard time thinking of who to lead with, since Clawitzer can deal a ton of damage with Mega Launcher. I decide to lead with Azumarill, and it was able to take out Clawitzer before being taken out. 

    I had a feeling he would send Gyarados next, and I was right. I switched to Lickilicky and tried to Thunderbolt it, but Waterfall caused Lickilicky to flinch, and I was at a tight spot. I can’t use healing items, and Gyarados can kill me the next turn. I decide to go for Thunderbolt anyway, thinking that Gyarados would use Dragon Dance, and I was right. Thunderbolt didn’t kill, but it left Gyarados with little health and wasted Siebold’s Full Restores. Unfortunately, Lickilicky died to Gyarados in the end, so I used Greninja (who was able to outspeed a Dragon Danced Gyarados) to finish him off.

    One member down.

    He sends out Barbacle. My plan was to stall him long enough for Stone Edge to run out of PP using Nidoqueen and Dragonite. I suceeded, and Dragonite was able to heal up with Leftovers and take Barbacle out.

    Finally, Starmie. I had to switch to Nidoqueen to take the Dazzling Gleam, then switch to Greninja, now holding the Dread Plate, to kill it with Night Slash. Siebold is defeated, but Lickilicky is dead. I can’t release it just yet, I have to finish the fight, I have to defeat the Champion and beat the Wonderlocke!

    To be continued.

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  8. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 8.1, The Elite Four Malva and Elite Four Drasna.

    My team:

    Azumarill, Greninja, LIckilicky, Dragonite, Pyroar, and Nidoqueen. Their levels are around Lv 65-66. 

    After some planning, I’ve decided that I’ll take on Malva first. Greninja led with a very strong start. The Splash Plate made it possible to Surf everything to death. Malva’s team got swept by Greninja. Moving on!

    The next was Drasna, which in my opinion is second easiest, based on the team I had. Her biggest problem, for me, was actually her Dragalge. Having high special defense, I can’t lead with Greninja to take it out with an Ice Beam. Azumarill’s Play Rough may help, but if it missed I might lose the battle.

    So I played safe. I use Dragonite, set up a Dragon Dance while taking the Dragon Pulse from Dragalge. Dragonite end up sweeping Drasna’s team as well. So Drasna is down. Moving on!

    To be continued…..

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  9. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 7. The final badge, and the Road to the Pokemon League.

    On my way to Snowbelle City, I have gotten myself a Helioptile and a Swinub. Unfortunately, both of them died. One of them by accident from my carelessness (Swinub), and one from a super effective attack I did not see coming (Heliolisk). Nonetheless, I’m sorry Mochiko, for not taking good care of your Swinub and let it die by accident to a wild Liepard. And while Heliolisk was almost going to be part of my final roster, you can never count out an unexpected moment, and it died Zangoose’s Close Combat, to that I apologize to you, Shiho, for not taking care of your Helioptile.

    With that out of the way, there was a major choke-point before reaching Snowbelle city, and that was the battle with Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor since this was a consecutive battle. Fortunately, no one died there, and I was on my way to Snowbelle city. 

    Being careful with my team’s level cap, I decided to avoid as many trainers as possible in the Winding Woods. After finding Wulfric, I headed back to get the final badge.

    The gameplan of the battle was to let Pyroar take out Abomasnow and Avalugg while Malamar finish of Cryogonal (it has high special defense, so I need Malamar to hit it physically). But I got haxed as Malamar got frozen as it was switched in by Cryogonal’s Ice Beam. In the end I had to send in my Lickitung holding the Eviolite, which saved Malamar from dying by tanking the hits and finishing Cryogonal off with a Power Whip.

    So I got the final badge, and my journey to the Pokemon league continues. On my way to the Pokemon league, two deaths occurred which definitely put a dent into my team. Goodra died from an Ace Trainer’s Crustle, whereas Malamar died in a double battle, killed by Gallade’s Leaf Blade. Malamar was particularly unlucky as the battles leading to its death ended with him receiving critical hits. 

    I paid my respects to their deaths as I fail to take good care of Jose’s Sliggoo and Hak’s Malamar, and my Victory Road journey has been taken to a halt. 

    I’ve decided to train up new recruits, my last badge of new recruits, which consist of a Noibat, Froakie, and a Marill using the restaurant as a place to train. Noibat was one level away from being a Noivern, until it got killed by another Zangoose (with an Ice Punch). Jordan’s Noibat was laid to rest, while Froakie and Marill both evolved to their final forms. I’m particularly proud of Froakie evolving to a Greninja as he is the only starter I have in the Wonderlocke that evolved to its final form (Quiladdin, Monferno, and Charmeleon all died before making it to theirs).

    With two more recruits I finally continued my journey to the Pokemon League and was able to arrive there without any further deaths. 

    Now, I have to plan my tactics correctly, as the final battle awaits.

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  10. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 6. Triumph and Sorrow.

    Continuing from Anistar City, I decided to train up Sliggoo and Dratini while walking to Lumiose City (since I don’t have any Pokemon that can fly). My Sliggoo evolved into a Goodra, and my Dratini became a Dragonair. 

    I head over to Lysandre Labs with my Dragonair and some members of my team (at that point, I had more than 6 Pokemons Lv46 and higher, so I could choose who to bring with me). My first battle was against Lysandre himself, and that kinda took me by surprise. His Pyroar was faster than I thought, and that led to Zoroak’s death. Another key Pokemon in my team from early on, dead. I’m sorry Dylan, failed to take care of your Zorua. 

    Continuing Lysandre Labs, everything went smoothly, until I got haxed really, really badly by Team Flare Scientist Celosia’s Drapion.

    Her Drapion used Accupressure four times, which made it +2 Attack, + 2 Speed, and worst of all, +4 EVADE!!!!!! With all the evasion hax going on, I was done for, my Drapion, Leafeon and Flourges all fall prey to it. I thought my Wonderlocke journey ends here, until my Pyroar came and pulled through the evade and killed the Drapion. It was a heavy loss in my part. I lost another Pokemon I got pretty early, and I lost some good tanks. 

    To Kauan, I have failed to take care of your Leafeon, I’m sorry. And to Nham, same to you too for Flabebe. Lastly, I’m sorry Tsumugi, I failed to take care of your Skorupi.

    With three members down, I had only six Pokemon left in my main team. They were able to pull through in all of the battles in the Lab. 

    Then I head to the Secret HQ. During the 2nd Battle with Lysandre, I lost Raichu to his Mienshao. Apparently, High Jump Kick has pretty good accuracy when odds are against you (cuz my Raichu had Lax Incese, which raises it’s accuracy). So I went back and give Raichu a proper burial. Lance, I’m sorry, for failing to take care of Pikachu.

    Now I have only 5 slots in my party. I decided to bring the level 58 Lickitung I had in the box (since the level cap is 59, its okay). I put eviolite on it, and it was my ‘in case I need a tank’ Pokemon.

    Moving onward, my Dragonair finally evolved into a Dragonite, just before the Yveltal battle. Now I had a good feeling, like I had a chance against Lysandre. 

    Yveltal was pretty easy to catch, just used a Quick Ball for it. Then it was the final Team Flare Showdown. 

    Dragonite, who just learned Fly, was able to take out Mienshao with no problems. Keeping Aqua Tail on it was also a good thing as he defeated Pyroar as well.

    Now with those two out of the way, I realized that his remaining Pokemons are Honchkrow and Mega Gyrados. I immediately switched to my Contrary Malamar, and hope I set up enough attack and defense by using Super Power on Honchkrow. Gyrados came, and Mega Evolved. Malamar, with +2 defense survived the Aqua tail at half health, and attacked Mega Gyrados with a Super Power, defeating it.

    Team Flare has now been defeated, but not without me having to lose some of my dearest party members. It’s time to regroup, train more recruits, and get some Wonder Trades that I might have missed.

    To be continued……

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  11. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 5. Wonderlocking returns, but without a loss.

    Back after a long break, I continue my way to the Pokeball Factory with no problems at all. The wonder trades I’ve gotten recently aren’t that good at this point, where getting level ones will be hard to train to catch up to your team of lv 40’s. Though I have a Dratini and a Swinub which may or may not come in handy in the near future. I also got a Dunsparce and a Karrablast, which really sucks. 

    One thing that came was a Lv35 Skorupi. It was just the right level, being 7 levels lower than my team. I didn’t really train it much, at first. 

    I reach Dendemille Town and I was so glad. Using all the Heart Scale I’ve gotten from level grinding in the past, I buffed up most of my team, giving Moon Blast to Flourges, the STAB moves to Mawile and more. 

    I then head to the Frost Cavern, despite my team being underleveled compared to the trainers there I still press forward as I didn’t want to break the level cap of 48. Everything went smoothly, until Mawile died from an underlevelled Mienshao’s High Jump Kick (Mienfoos only evolve at Lv50, this one’s at 44), breaking it’s jaw and crushing the body. I felt a bit sad, as it was the longest serving member of the main team (being the 2nd Pokemon I got from Wonder Trade, 1st was Smeargle, but he was boxed). It’s kinda disheartening when you buffed a Pokemon, only to have it die in the next area.

    Anyways, Mawile, you have served the Wonderlocke team well, but I’m afraid it’s time for me to leave you here and move on, I’m sorry Ai (OT of Mawile), I have failed to take good care of it. 

    So with one member short, I trained up my Skorupi. It became Drapion shortly, and I was able to tore through the Frost Cavern, and the 7th Gym with not much problems. 

    With my level cap raised to 59, I can now raise the Sliggoo I got from Wonder Trade as well as some Pokemons that are level 1. 

    I’ll be back, training my Pokemons, before I take on Team Flare. 

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  12. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 4. Tons of hax from training, but that didn’t stop me!

    Picking up from my many deaths. I decided to be more careful when training my Female Nidroran and Chespin (Nidoqueen will be very helpful in the 5th and 6th gym).

    Along the training, Quilladin died. I did not expect Remoraid to pack Aurora Beam. Another starter Pokemon that failed to reach his final form. I have failed to take good care of Chespin, Carlos.

    With Quilladin dead before reaching a Chesnaught. I decided that I had to evolve my Nidorina immediately so she can live, and so I did. She then perform better and was easier to train this time around. Though, she got pretty haxed during the training process.

    For five straight encounters, the wild Pokemon was able to land a critical hit on their first hit. It baffles me how hax this is and how much the Gods of the Wonderlocke is screwing with me. Fortunately, Nidoqueen didn’t die from training. 

    After bringing her up to level, I proceed to Lumiose City and obtained my 5th badge with no deaths. It’s really funny and strange that I exceeded the level cap by accident. The Team Flare Scientist I fought earlier has a Lv38 Mightyena, yet Clemon’t Heliolisk is Lv37. So my Pyroar and Nidoqueen exceeded the levels, by accident. Oh well….

    Headed to Lavarre City next. Got a Lv58 Lickitung from Wonder Trade. Fought the gym and obtained the badge with not much problems (this time without exceeding the level cap at all). 

    I’ll be taking a few days break from Wonderlocke, so the Wonderlocke continues, next week!

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  13. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 3. Getting more badges, and more careless.

    After playing for 2 days, I have gotten the 3rd and 4th badge, not without having several casualties. Most of my deaths were a surprise, and some of them due to my carelessness.

    I was amazed I didn’t have any deaths from the battle with Korrina’s two Lucarios, or with the Brains and Brawns double battle (though that battle was really scary). Also, I managed to get out of Reflection cave, surviving two Wobbuffet encounters. 

    I got some cool stuff from Wonder Trade, ranging from a Pikachu (who’s now a Raichu, and a very crucial party member), a Lv 48 Sliggoo which I can’t use for now, but is 2 levels away from evolving into a Goodra, a Riolu, Chespin, Litleo, and even a female Nidoran. However, I also received a Feebas, which will be pretty useless since I can only do Wonder Trading, and not normal trading for trade evolving.

    If I remember correctly, I had around 4-5 deaths this time. Most of them was being careless. However, for Ferroseed’s case, he died from a trainer’s Hawlucha in Reflection Cave, so Mustafa (OT of the Ferroseed), I apologize for failing to take good care of your Ferroseed.

    Another surprising death came from Shalour city’s gym. Charmeleon’s Fire Fang did a lot of damage to Heracross, and Heracross used Counter, which killed Charmeleon. A shocking death. Blue, I have failed to take care of your Charmander, he will never see the day where he could soar the skies as a Charizard, I’m deeply sorry.

    I was kinda shaken after those two deaths, which became pretty obvious when I failed to kill the opposing Lucario at the Tower of Mastery with the Lucario I have. So I decided that the Lucario I used was considered ‘dead’, and I cannot recruit him for my team for Wonder Trade.

    Went to Coumarine City with not much problems. Defeating the gym with zero deaths. But when trying to train up my team, I faced two more deaths. Riolu died from the wild Milktank, he got slammed really hard. Rue, I’m sorry, I failed to take good care of your Riolu. Another death came from my Monferno, who died from a Water Pulse and hurting himself by confusion by a wild Mantyke, which made me feel extremely bad for being so careless with my team, especially when Monferno is just 2 levels away from being an Infernape. I really failed to take care of your Chimchar, Mykhl.

    With those two deaths, I realized leveling up my team in Kalos is not easy at all. Threats are present at every route. But I need my Nidoran to evolve as soon as possible so it could help me during the 5th and 6th Gyms. 

    I will continue doing to level grinding to make some of my Pokemons up to level with my current team, which includes:

    Zoroark, Raichu, Floette, Pyroar, Leafeon, Mawile, and Malamar.

    The Wonderlocke Adventure continues……

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  14. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 2. The long road to Cyllage City!

    Continuing from Santalune City, I received the Exp. Share, but I decided to not activate it since it will make this challenge easy. 

    Some of the awesome stuff I got from Wonder trade include a Lv7 Leafeon, a Lv1 Chimchar, Lv 23 Ferroseed, and a Lv1 Charmander, which is pretty awesome since I chosed Charmander at Professor Sycamore’s lab (where I got a Deino for the Charmander). I’ll be able to use the Mega Stone on it (assuming he survived til then).

    I also got a Korean Shroomish, which unfortunately died from Shellder’s Icicle Spear. Jin-Hik (the Korean OT of the Shroomish, I think that’s how you spell his name, lol), forgive me, I have failed to take care of your Shroomish.

    I finally reached Cyllage City and I was ready to face the gym. Having more Pokemon now, I was able to set the level cap of my team to 25 (unlike last time where I had a Mawile in the first gym).

    The battle against Grant was a tough one despite him not having any evolved Pokemon. The greatest threat he has was his Tyrunt. And it took out a Deino with Stomp as Deino tried to save Ferroseed’s life. Kiara (the OT of this Deino), I’m sorry I have failed to take good care of your Deino. He will never live to soar the skies as a magnificent (yet scary) dragon.

    Badges Obtained: 2

    Number of deaths so far: 3

    To be continued……..

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  15. Sunny’s Pokemon Y Wonderlocke! Part 1. The first gym battle!

    A Wonderlocke is a Nuzlocke challenge variant where you Wonder Trade away whatever Pokemon you encountered/received in a new area. 

    Additional rules that I’ve added include no Super training, O-power, or Pokemon-Amie (unless you want Slyveon), Exp. Share to be turned off, Battle style to ‘Set’, and no use of items other than Pokeballs during battle. 

    Pokemons I’ve obtained prior to the first gym are:

    A Lv 16 Mawile for my starter, Fennekin 

    A Lv 1 Smeargle for a Route 2 Fletchling 

    A Lv 32 Malamar (who won;t obey me for now) for a Santalune Forest Fletchling 

    A Lv 1 Omanyte for a Route 3 Bidoof (route 3), traded for omanyte lv1-12, died from viola’s vivilon (trapped by infestation, and viola used potion). I have failed to take care of your omanyte, cicero. forgive me.

    A Lv 10 event Torchic from Santalune City that went unused since I can’t trade event Pokemons, and

    A Level 1 Zorua for a Route 22 Bunnelby.

    The first gym was pretty easy, having a Mawile in my team helped a lot. However, I had a death.

    I sent out my Omanyte when Viola sent out her Vivilon thinking I could get more experience on him. He was trapped with Infestation, and Viola healed her Vivilon, which proceed to kill off Omanyte. 

    Number of Badges: 1

    Death Count: 1

    So, remember the last sentence that you see after Wonder Trading your Pokemon? It goes something like ‘Take good care of *insert Pokemon’s name’.

    So to Cicero, the Original Trainer of the Omanyte I have, I am sorry. I have failed to take good care of your Omanyte. I was greedy and careless, and let him die by Infestation.

    To be continued……..

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